Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.


  1. Cuvrd Pricing: We provide the best possible coverage and the lowest possible price. We do this by partnering with companies you already trust. Cuvrd eliminates expensive TV commercials, radio programming, mailers and spokespeople and passes the savings on to you!
  2. Cuvrd Subscriptions: Cuvrd offers inexpensive monthly subscriptions & you can end your subscription at any time. Most companies use payment plans. Payment plans have you pay for years of coverage in advance over 12 to 24 monthly installments. These plans are expensive largely due to the costly financing they require.
  3. Cuvrd Flexibility: Choose your plan, choose your deductible!

Cuvrd typically issues approvals for the same day, or the day after contact from a repair facility. Any delays in getting a car fixed is typically due to the repair facility’s schedule or getting parts. Not the Cuvrd service.

You can take your car to any licensed repair facility that you choose in the US or Canada.

Cuvrd uses the same Parts and Labor systems that are nationally recognized and used by repair facilities across the United States and Canada.

Yes, you can transfer any Cuvrd contract or subscription and the new owner will not need to worry about any validation or gap in coverage. This may significantly increase the value of your vehicle at the time of sale.

Cuvrd strives to keep your pricing low. If Cuvrd is forced to increase pricing due to market conditions, we will not increase a subscription price without notifying you at least 60 days in advance.

You may cancel a subscription at any time. Just contact Cuvrd to let us know you want to end your subscription.

Yes, Cuvrd partners with roadside assistance companies nationwide. When you become a member, Cuvrd will provide you with a toll-free number to call if you have a breakdown.

We will pay any approved claim directly to the repair facility. If you have chosen to have other services provided by the repair facility, you will be responsible for those when you pick up your vehicle.

Cuvrd works like a warranty but is a vehicle service contract. Warranty is a term used for coverage provided by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Warranty coverage typically starts to expire the first few years after a new car is sold. Cuvrd products are designed to protect for the long term and are backed by A rated insurers.

The sooner the better! All automotive coverage for mechanical failures is based on factors like the age, mileage, and type of vehicle at the time of purchase. The lowest pricing is now. You will always get the best coverage and pricing with Cuvrd but the sooner you lock in your pricing the lower it will be.

Call the number on your Cuvrd contract to start the claims process!